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MiDAS Minibus Driver Awareness, Assessment and Training

Alpha MiDAS Training UK are a driver training and education agency committed to the delivery of excellent quality ECO driver friendly programmes and long-term aftercare to our customers. We can offer information on the range of MiDAS driver training courses throughout the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland.

Alpha MiDAS Training UK have established an accomplished status for exceeding our customers' expectations with regard to the delivery of road safety training and the full range of MiDAS courses & Minibus driver awareness training. All of our trainers are qualified ADIs, with extensive fleet training and registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), and boast over 15 years of driver training experience.

Alpha MiDAS Training UK employs a training agent, who provides training for minibus Driver Assessor/Trainers (DAT's) nominated from member organisations. A DAT can then assess the competence of other minibus drivers, and provide them with training on how to safely use a minibus.

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Please call for further information or just some friendly advice regarding Alpha MiDAS Training UK and the MiDAS Minibus Awareness Training Scheme: Tel: 07859895129 or

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